Online Energetic healing

Step into a world of transformation and empowerment.

Let's embark on a journey to create a life that is authentically yours, where you can choose to live with boundless joy and with your whole heart. Far too often we are caught in the grip of the past or consumed by worries and preparations for the future. We get caught in the web of regret, stress and thougts about the future. But when we learn to cultivate comfort and presence in our lives, we witness the beautiful unfolding of a relaxed mind and an open heart.

Embrace the present.

Unleash your potential.

Create a life of joyful moments

Together we will create a path of self-discovery and transformation where your consciousness will be enriched, your joy in life will blossom and your awareness will expand.

I invite you to join me on this profound healing journey, where we gently address the wounds that tie you to the past, while embracing the present with celebration and gratitude. Through this process, we will reveal an exciting and open future that beckons with endless possibilities.

Try it and you will be amazed!

Duration 1h-1h30

Price: 98 euros  ( +-108 dollars)  when times are financially tough
          118 euros ( +-130dollars)   recommended price
          138euro ( +-152 dollars)   when you want to support me to offer a better rate to others who are struggling

The days after the treatment, I noticed that I reacted differently to specific situations. I was calmer than before.

Online Chakra healing

During this treatment, we look at the who chakras need attention, they are cleansed and healed. In this way you will find a new balance physically and mentally.

Shamans see the chakras as doctors see organs. They have known for thousands of years that the chakras are part of our body. You can look at a chakra as a kind of energy factory and they lock up when we are dealing with unprocessed trauma.

Working with our chakras is as important as our daily hygiene. Because when 1 or more of our energy balls are not working, we get into imbalance and suffer from both physical and emotional problems.

Duration 1h

Price: 98 euros ( +-108 dollars) when times are financially tough
          118 euros ( +-130dollars) recommended price
          138euro ( +-152 dollars) when you want to support me to offer a better rate to others who are struggling

More about the energetic healing

Although shamanic healing is rooted in ancient wisdom and various indigenous traditions, there are scientific explanations that can help us understand its results.

During an energetic session, we work with the energy field around the body.

Some also call this the aura. According to science, everything is made up of energy. This energy flows through pathways called meridians or channels The meridians we use in Chinese medicine and the chakras are mainly used in Oriental medicine. The purpose of energetic work is to detect and correct imbalances or blockages so that energy can flow smoothly again in your body.

So we work with the quantum field, which is an invisible matrix that surrounds and informs our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual world. This field contains information of our health and programs our body how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we can die. Unlike a physical blueprint, which stands alone and remains unchanging, our energetic field is constantly affected by both positive and negative events.

Another scientific explanation lies in the connection between body and mind. Studies in psycho neuroimmunology have shown that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can affect our physical health.

An online session consists of an introductory call, where we discuss your story and questions in a calm and safe environment.
Afterwards, we begin shamanic energy work where I travel into Sacred Space on your behalf to do the healing work that is needed for you.
At the end we discuss the process, I give you feedback and homework so you can integrate the insights gained into your life.

Energy work may include the following techniques:

  • Illumination: clearing imprints from the energy field
  • Extraction: removing foreign/negative energy from your energy field
  • Cord cutting: we cut the negative cords with the people who hurt us.
  • Soul Retreibal: Recovering lost soul parts : In trauma, we leave behind a particle of our soul and now we will recover it.
  • Oracle reading: Using oracle to find your destiny
  • Guiding someone who is dying of already passed away to the other side using the Rights of Death

I work not only on people but also with animals. I am a huge animal lover.
Our pets are often very connected to us and they absorb and mirror our energy and our emotions. Like humans, they can also bring imprints from past lives into this life, can be connected to past incarnations and can also lose soul parts or be affected by offensive energies. The work with animals is similar to that with humans, except that I do the interview and feedback with the animal caretaker.
I almost always work remotely with animals - however, your animal does not have to be behind the computer or phone :-)

Wow! Mindblowing!!! During the treatment I experienced a surge of emotions, the days afterwards, pure peace!

Reaction of a client


In an enlightenment or illumination, we will look together for negative imprints that are in your luminous energetic field. We are going to track them down so we can release them so we can change the blueprint. This way you no longer have to live with the verdict of family diseases, family karma or other patterns that continually occur in your life. I then go looking with my cuya ( medicine stone) and pendulum where the imprint is attached in your body. Often it is in 1 of the lower chakras. I will then cleanse this chakra, and then the illumination follows.

We always start with an illumination and only in a later stage, we continue with extraction, cutting cords and the like. The idea is to clean up first before starting the more serious work.

Several sessions may be required. Every body is different and personal growth happens at a different pace each time. It is therefore recommended to leave  1 month between each session so that the insights and energy that is released can start to manifest in your luminous energy field.

I got huge insights after this session, this really goes very deep, at 1 session I got the result which I have never achieved after years of therapy

Reaction of a client

Soul retrieval

Soul loss occurs when we become disconnected from the core of ourselves, the source of our vitality, our Soul. Physical or emotional trauma can cause this disconnection.

Soul retrieval is a way to restore fragmented pieces of yourself.

When you experience trauma, your soul shatters. That piece of soul is left behind and we move on from the trauma or the story we have made of it for ourselves.

During this session, I travel on your behalf to retrieve and restore that piece of lost soul. This journey is accompanied by gifts, wisdom and becoming whole again and feeling healed. It is a beautiful journey.

We cannot schedule this part of the treatment as the first session. For this, preparatory work must be done first.

The days after the treatment, I noticed that I reacted differently to specific situations. I was calmer than before.Reaction of a client

Reactie van een klant


You have 2 types of extraction.

The fluid extraction :

During this session we are going to detect intrusive energies. These are energies or entities that are not authentic to who you are. They have hooked themselves into your energetic field and thus partly determine how you are in life today. You don't have to be afraid of these entities , we all have energies attached to us, some more intrusive than others. You may notice this when you suddenly feel exhausted for no reason, presumably an energy has hooked on and is stealing your energy.

The crystallized extraction:

Here I am going to "scan" your body and through a tracking technique I am going to look for things, energies, imprints that have stuck somewhere in your body. Often you then have complaints of a nagging or stabbing pain somewhere in your body, but when you go to a specialized doctor they can't find anything on the scan. To give you an example, I treated a client whose knee had been hurting for weeks, sometimes stabbing pain that made climbing stairs very difficult. I treated the knee and the next day all the pain was gone. I also had a client who could not sleep for months because of pains in the hip. After the treatment, she wrote to me that the pain was almost completely gone and since then she could sleep through the night again. One last example, a lady came in for all kinds of complaints, her eyelid was inflamed and the day after, the inflammation was completely gone

Thank you for guiding my friend to the other side. You made it a special moment

Reaction of a client

Guidance to the final journey

During this session guide individuals who have reached the end of their lives. I prepare them for their final journey. I also support the familiy and friends who stay behind if they wish.

When people suddenly pass away, I can also guide them energetically so that they do not remain floating around in our dimension.

I feel calmer when I think back to the person we cut the cords with. He has less or even no grip on my life anymore. I stand more powerfully on my feet and feel I can live more from myself.

Reaction of a client

Cord cutting

We cut the energetic cords of people who have hurt us,  or who have energetically neglected us. For example, you may like your mother very much but notice that you suddenly have an irritant cough when you know she is coming to visit. When your mother is too present in your life we can cut the cord. This does not mean that you break off the relationship with your mother, on the contrary, you just want to create a healthier relationship. Often cord cutting is also used when breaking a relationship (whether or not among partners or working relationships)

Cords are created when we come into contact with other people in a negative way. Sometimes it is about an unpleasant remark, but it can also be caused by bullying, lies, heartbreak, disrespectful behavior, etc etc.

We can cut these cords of negative energy. There are also cords of light and love, which cannot be severed.

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