A companion who guides you to your own destiny

I am Sara.

The name of my business is Ave de Paso which means migratory bird in Spanish. If I may compare myself to a bird, I choose the swallow. I love to explore the world in many ways. I am in love with the south and I let my soul guide me to my destination.

The swallow also always reminds us when summer or winter is coming. In other words, she shows us that everything comes to an end, both the good times but also the difficult ones.

Years ago I found myself in a situation where Western medicine told me I was in perfect health. But despite this diagnosis, I felt that something was wrong.

My interest in body and mind was awakened and I began to search for myself to find a way to bring my body back into balance.

During my search I was introduced to  Chinese forms of therapy and the Shamanic work of the Andes. And soon it became clear to me that this was what I was looking for. The decision to retrain was made very quickly.

Through this knowledge I would like to clear modern health problems through ancient healing methods.

Very often unprocessed or unspoken emotions get stuck in the body, causing all kinds of aches and pains. In some cases, these emotions can even have serious consequences on a physical level.

I take a holistic view and try to listen to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.

In addition to my practice of holistic therapy and shamanic work, I also offer the opportunity for others to change their lives in a positive way. Are you in need of more freedom? Would you like to spend more time with your family, family, friends or your passions? Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle?  I can help you make your dream come true!!!

I am officially a Munay Ki practitioner

My acknowledgement

Jing Luo Therapist

Meridian system specialist

In our body there are meridians (Jing in Chinese means major lines). These meridians are energy pathways through which our Qi, life energy, flows. The paths also have small branches (Luo in Chinese). Together they form the complete meridian system.

In a healthy body, energy flows smoothly through the energy pathways and one feels happy and balanced.

Health problems occur when there is a blockage somewhere in the body that prevents the energy from flowing.

By combining a variety of techniques, a treatment plan will be tailored to your body.

Life and soul coach

When you feel you got stuck on a particular theme or themes in your life, it would be helpful to be able to push a pause button and catch your breath.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Nevertheless, through coaching I try to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can express all your doubts, frustrations and desires.

For me, soul coaching is a very broad concept, which is why it is so difficult to define. I listen to your situation and work with you to find ways to make it more pleasant. You will ultimately have to take the step yourself, but I am happy to guide you through your process.

TCM Therapist

Traditional Chinese Medecine

TCM or TCG traditional Chinese Medicine is the collective name of different techniques used in Chinese natural medicine. We talk about moxa ( adding heat), guasha ( scraping technique), acupuncture,( ear acupuncture, anti aging acupuncture, traditional acupuncture) tui na ( massage technique) etc etc....

It is a holistic approach because we look for the cause of the complaint, so we do not want to address only the symptoms. TCM can be applied to all complaints both physical from hemorrhoids, inflammations, scars, headaches,.... but also mental complaints such as depression, insecurity, etc. can be addressed. It is a very rich medicine based on the natural elements and with the intention to fully rebalance you



I completed my training of the medicine wheel in 2023. Of course, there is still a whole world here waiting to be discovered.

Shamanism is a form of energetic work. This can be done 1 on 1 but also from a distance because you work with frequencies and vibrations in the quantum field. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison laid the foundation for this years ago on a scientific level.

Through this way of working you can resolve limited beliefs, blockages and traumas in a relatively short period of time.

Locaties in Erps-Kwerps en Heers 
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